October 29-31, 2021

Come Attend Our Seminars at the Detroit Pen Show

Seminar Schedule

Below is a list of the seminars being held at the Detroit Pen Show! All seminars can be purchased/registered for here on our website!

Friday, October 29th

  • Scavenger Hunt (FREE) Runs During the Entire Event

    For those who have signed up for this, you will get a small booklet with items that you will need to find throughout the show. You will get this at the PCA table alongside "The Penman." You will be directed where to go when you sign in at the admissions table in front of the ballroom. Once you find them, you will need to have the vendor at the table sign off on that item. Don't worry, all vendors are familiar with this and know what to do. Once you get all the items in the booklet signed you bring it back to the admissions table where you will receive a prize.

  • Fun with Pens ($20) 4PM-5PM

    You love pens, and ink, but sometime you don’t know what to write… Doodling is a way to use your favorite pens and ink and still create beautiful pieces of art for yourself or for someone you care about. Hong will work with you using Zentangle techniques to create beautiful piece of art that will bring a smile to your face.

Sunday, October 31st

  • Pens For Kids (FREE) 10AM-11AM

    This very popular PCA-run activity for younger pen show attendees is a scavenger hunt, which introduces the hunters to both pens and the show exhibitors. Make sure to stop in and see the PFK's program creator Ralph Stillwell! This seminar will be run by Hong Nguyen of aka "The Pen Man".

  • Luxury Pelikan Pens (FREE) 11:30AM-12:30PM

    Tom Baley aka "The Penman" will be heading this in-depth seminar about luxury Pelikan Pens and what makes each one special. Pelikan Pens is Tom's specialty so if you're looking to learn about the different models this is a seminar for you.

  • American Cursive Handwriting ($50) 1PM-3:30PM

    If you want to improve your cursive handwriting, you are welcome to the American Cursive Handwriting workshop. This is Hong’s second time teaching American Cursive Handwriting at the Detroit Pen Show. She’ll be happy to meet and work with you to improve your handwriting.

Pens For Kids

Kids Get Free Admission to the Detroit Pen Show When You Sign Them Up

Kids 12 and under are invited to the “Pens For Kids” event happening at the Detroit Pen Show. Have your child be a part of our learning program, scavenger hunt or both while you enjoy the show!

Your child’s admission to the show is FREE when they attend one of our events.