Detroit Pen Show


The Capital Letter Variations Class


Come and join Hong Nguyen at her workshop at the 2023 Detroit Pen Show: The Capital Letter Variations. Although ninety percent of the time we write in lowercase, stunning uppercase letters help spice up our writing, make it stand out, and impress the audience with it. Capitalizing on the impact that intricate uppercase letters have will make your work ascend to the next level, transforming it from beauty into an astonishing piece of art, bound to remain in the memories of everyone who notices it. Each stroke of the pen creating a majuscule letter is a subtle stroke of genius, fitting together into a florid puzzle introducing each sentence, eventually forming labyrinthine paragraphs of artistry.

When: Sunday, October 22nd from 9AM-12PM

Fee: $75 (handouts are included)

What to bring: your favorite pens and ink