Detroit Pen Show


Pen Collecting with Lih-Tah


Lih-Tah Wong of the Michigan Pen Club. Lih-Tah will  be presenting pen collecting. He will be giving advice on how to collect, what types of pens/pencils are out there and what to look for. He may even do something on fountain pen basics, so make sure to sign up for this class! It is FREE OF CHARGE!
Lih-Tah’s background spans over 25yrs of collecting, in this addicting hobby. His 25ys of knowledge in the hobby will be helpful to anyone that is interested in collecting pens and pencils, so I certainly invite you to pick his brain, it will be fun I promise! Along with his wealth of knowledge, Lih-Tah serves as the secretary for the Michigan Pen Club. The club will also have a table or two at the show for anyone that has questions or wants to become a member.

When: Saturday, October 21st from 3:15-4:15PM