Hello Everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce that we have added the “Pen’s for Kids” program to our show this year! This is a wonderful program that encourages kids (and parents) to learn about pens, handwriting, and all the fun accessories that come along with it!

“A bit of history on PFK.”  This is a program that was created by Mr. Ralph Stillwell over 30 years ago in conjunction with the PCA (Pen Collectors of America) The program has been used in major pen shows all around the world. We are also proud to announce that Ralph Stillwell will be here at the show and will answer any of your questions at his table so be sure to stop in and say hello to Ralph! 

For more information on the PCA just click the highlighted PCA text.

The program will be ran by our very own Hong Nguyen also partner/helper to Tom Baley aka “The Pen Man.” Hong has many talents in handwriting and is very well-respected in the handwriting community!

The program itself consists of two parts. The first part is where the kids (parents are welcome to participate with there child) have a short class where they can ask questions & will learn about: 

  • Types of pens

  • How they work

  • Handwriting and the correct way to hold a pen

  • History of Pens

The second part is just as fun as the first part in that the kids (and parents) get to go on a scavenger hunt for many items on their list of things to find! Once they’re done finding the items on the list bring it to the admissions table for there prize! It’s fun for the whole family!

If you are a vendor and would like to help sponsor this program please contact me at dalepenkala@gmail.com.

A BIG thank you to our current sponsors who are, Federalist Pens and Paper and The Pen Man respectively.

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