Pens For Kids

Kids 12 and under are invited to the “Pens For Kids” event happening at the Detroit Pen Show. Have your child be a part of our learning program, scavenger hunt or both while you enjoy the show!

Your child’s admission to the show is FREE when they attend one of our events.

The program itself consists of two parts. The first part is where the kids (parents are welcome to participate with there child) have a short class where they can ask questions & will learn about:

  • Types of Pens

  • How They Work

  • Handwriting and the Correct Way to Hold a Pen

  • The History of Pens

The second part is just as fun. Kids (and parents) get to go on a scavenger hunt for items on their list of things to find throughout the show! Once they are done finding the items on the list, they will bring it to the admissions table for their prize! It’s fun for the whole family!