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As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I was going to to the Chicago Pen Show and I’m happy to report we have more vendor announcements and two new sponsors to add to the Detroit Pen Show! One of our new vendors as well as sponsor is Anderillium Ink! Karen Anderson has donated a generous amount of ink for door prizes. Keith McCleary from Random Thinks has also donated some of his extremely cool 3D printed multi-colored pen holders! Between Anderillium Ink, Federalist Pens and Paper and Random Thinks we have put together some very nice door prizes that will be given away. Another sponsor aka The Penman, Tom Baley along with Federalist Pens and Paper has donated supplies for the PFK program that we will have this year. Hong Nguyen of aka “The Penman” will be doing that seminar for us. We have returning with us this year Eric Fonville bringing his collection of pens to sell. We also have Ken Colombe with his spread of vintage pens and other items for sale.

Seminar Schedule and Fees

We have updated our website with our seminar schedule and registration fees. If you’re interested in taking any of the seminars whether it’s free or if there is a fee involved, you need to sign up/register for that seminar. You can sign up for them at the link below.

Pens for Kids Program Details

For those who have signed up for this, you will get a small booklet with items that you will need to find throughout the show. You will get this at the PCA table alongside “The Penman.” You will be directed where to go when you sign in at the admissions table in front of the ballroom. Once you find them, you will need to have the vendor at the table sign off on that item. Don’t worry, all vendors are familiar with this and know what to do. Once you get all the items in the booklet signed you bring it back to the admissions table where you will receive a prize. 

This is a fun program that kids and parents can do together but you have to sign up for it in order to participate. To sign up click the link below.

Ticket sales are NOW available to purchase in advance on our newly designed website. If you purchase them before the show date, you will receive an early bird discount. All purchases at the door will be at the regular price. You can purchase your tickets now through the button below.

Vendor Announcements

Anderillium Inks is a new vendor/sponsor at the DPS this year. They are 100% American made inks with an array of gorgeous colors. They have a brand new line of inks called the “Avian Series” that they will have here in Detroit! It’s so new that they don’t even have it on their website yet, but don’t worry they will have it here at DPS. I was lucky enough to sample some of this new line in Chicago so make sure you stop in and welcome Karen and Anderillium Inks to Detroit!

Eric Fonville will be back with his large selection of vintage pens. Eric is a long time collector of vintage pens. His specialty is in all models of Parker. Eric is also the President of the MPC “Michigan Pen Club.” The MPC will have their own table as well with all the information on how to become a member. You can find out more about the MPC by clicking on the highlighted text.

Another new vendor to DPS is Ken Colombe. Ken will have his large spread of vintage pens and other items for sale. Stop in and welcome Ken to Detroit!

As always we will be promoting DPS through our social media platforms as well as our newsletter. Expect things to start getting busier the closer we get to the show! Tables are filling up fast so for those who wish to reserve a table at our show, you can click the button below to reserve one in advance or contact us directly for table availability.

We have worked with the Garden Inn back before Covid-19 hit for a great room rate for our attendees and vendors, but we were never able to share this with you until now! The Show Block Rate is $109 per night! Management at the hotel was able to keep the rate that we agreed upon prior to Covid-19 for this year’s show.
With many different amenities, you’re sure to have a wonderful stay. You can check it out here.

We look forward to seeing you all!

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