Hello Everyone,

We are excited to share with you that we have TWO new vendors and an additional returning vendor coming to our show this year! We have Grifos Pens of Italy, Jeanne Florini, and coming from the DC area is David Silber. David may possibly do a seminar on collecting pens this year. If this works out we will get that up on the seminars schedule so stay tuned for that as more info comes in on this. All of these vendors are very well known in there respected fields so please come and welcome them to DPS this year!

Pens For Kids Program Details

For those who have signed up for this, you will get a small booklet with items that you will need to find throughout the show. You will get this when you sign in at the admissions table at the entrance of the ballroom. Once you find them you will need to have the vendor at the table sign off on that item. Don’t worry, all vendors are familiar with this and know what to do. Once you get all the items in the booklet signed you bring it back to the admissions table where you will receive a prize.

This is a fun program that kids and parents can do together but you have to sign up for it in order to participate. To sign up click the link below.

We currently have a total of 3 seminars in the works and will certainly update you all on this as we get times/schedules and fees set.

Ticket sales are NOW available to purchase in advance on our newly designed website. If you purchase them before the show date, you will receive an early bird discount. All purchases at the door will be at the regular price. You can purchase your tickets now through the button below.

Vendor Announcements

David Silber is coming back from the DC area with his vintage pens. David has been in the hobby for a very long time and has experience with all types of vintage pens. We may be lucky as David might do a presentation on collecting pens. More on that as we get things figured out. Make sure you stop in and talk to David and see all his offerings and welcome him to Detroit again.

Grifos Pens from Italy is new to DPS this year! Their artisan pens are handmade in Italy with solid sterling silver and other precious materials. They offer fountain pens, roller balls, ballpoints and mechanical pencils of the highest craftsmanship. Customization and personalization requests are always welcome. Be sure to stop in and welcome them to Detroit!

Another new vendor to DPS is Jeanne Florini! She specializes in cards, stationery and other gift ideas. Jeanne handles the highly famed & sought after 3d cards of “Roses Without Thorns” so be sure to stop in and say hello and see all her offerings!

As always we will be promoting DPS through our social media platforms as well as our newsletter. Expect things to start getting busier the closer we get to the show! Tables are filling up fast so for those who wish to reserve a table at our show, you can click the button below to reserve one in advance or contact us directly for table availability.

We have worked with the Garden Inn back before Covid-19 hit for a great room rate for our attendees and vendors, but we were never able to share this with you until now! The Show Block Rate is $109 per night! Management at the hotel was able to keep the rate that we agreed upon prior to Covid-19 for this year’s show.
With many different amenities, you’re sure to have a wonderful stay. You can check it out here.

We look forward to seeing you all!

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