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Since our last newsletter about a week ago we have received even more vendors to add to our list and spotlights. A long time veteran of the DPS 2021 (and Michigan Pen Show) is Don and Donna of RazorWerks, John Phelan from Lemur Ink, and Keith McCleary of Random Thinks!

“To my past and considering vendors”

Tables are filling up so if you’re considering exhibiting this year you need to get your orders in and paid for. This is not a plea in any way. I’m just letting you know that as tables sell and are paid for they are no longer available unless there is a cancellation. I’m also pleased to announce for those of you who do NOT want to pay for your tables via a credit card online we have added a “pay by check” feature. All you have to do is place your order and then instructions will be sent to you as to where to send the check. It’s up and ready to use as I type this newsletter. If you need any further instruction, we will be sending an email on just that subject and how to use it soon so stay tuned!

We currently have a total of 3 seminars in the works and will certainly update you all on this as we get times/schedules and fees set. You will need to sign up for them as well. Some are free and some there is a small fee for included items that will be needed. The items that are needed will be provided by the person running the seminar. More on that as we get that information. 

Don’t for get we now have our Schedule of Events up on the Detroit Pen Show’s website. Stop in and take a look!

Ticket sales are NOW available to purchase in advance on our newly designed website. If you purchase them before the show date, you will receive an early bird discount. All purchases at the door will be at the regular price. You can purchase your tickets now through the button below.

Vendor Announcements

We are happy to announce that John Phelan of Lemur Ink is coming back to DPS this year! John is a veteran pen show vendor. While Lemur Ink specializes in inks, they have many other accessories like pens, binders & papers to name a few.

Keith McCleary of Random Thinks will be back with all of his very cool (and highly sought after) 3D-printed pen holders! If you haven’t seen Keith’s products, boy are you in for a treat! Stop in and look at these multi-colored pen holders and all of his Michigan Made products!

Long time DPS vendors Don & Donna of RazorWerks Creative Arts are back with all of their artistic collections of pens, paintings and more!
RazorWerks originated as the result of a custom painting of German collectible toys for private collections. The move to pen arts and additional
creative arts was a logical progression.

As always we will be promoting DPS through our social media platforms as well as our newsletter. Expect things to start getting busier the closer we get to the show! Tables are filling up fast so for those who wish to reserve a table at our show, you can click the button below to reserve one in advance or contact us directly for table availability.

We have worked with the Garden Inn back before Covid-19 hit for a great room rate for our attendees and vendors, but we were never able to share this with you until now! The Show Block Rate is $109 per night! Management at the hotel was able to keep the rate that we agreed upon prior to Covid-19 for this year’s show.
With many different amenities, you’re sure to have a wonderful stay. You can check it out here.

We look forward to seeing you all!

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