Meet Our Vendors

Our vendors for the Detroit Pen show have a wide array of talents. Looking for pens, ink, stationary, accessories or even jewelry? Take a look at our vendors listed below!

Confirmed for 2022 ✅

Keith McCleary

Random Thinks

Confirmed for 2022 ✅

Ken Colombe

Parker Pens

Confirmed for 2022 ✅

Greg Hardy

Hardy Penwrights

Confirmed for 2022 ✅

Jim Hinze

Hinze Pen Company

Confirmed for 2022 ✅

Isaac Hannosh

Solari & Co.

Jon & Mackenzie

Lincoln’s Leathers

Tom Baley

The Pen Man

Bob Everett

Sheaffer Pens


Anderillium Inks

Kirk Speer

Pen Realm

Jeanne Florini

Jeanne’s Ohana Designs

Grifos Pens

Frank Limper

Federalist Pens

John Phelan

Lemur Ink


Don & Donna

Razorwerks Creative Arts

Confirmed for 2022 ✅

Adolphus Smith